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Finding Inspiration

  Whether you are an amateur or pro artist, it can sometimes be challenging to find inspiration for a piece. While the talent and creativity may be there, you may struggle to know where to start. If you’re having trouble finding the motivation or idea for creating, we’ve listed a few elements that influence us and so many other artists throughout history. Take a look below and find inspiration!   Art & Media: Any artist can make art, but it takes a great artist to inspire others. One of the best places to find inspiration is through other works of art. This isn’t limited to works that are in the same medium as those you create. Paintings, photographs, movies, songs, and all other artforms affect us. So why wouldn’t they influence our art as well? You may be moved by the colors of a painting, the themes of a show, or the lyrics of a song and can interpret those elements into your work. Sometimes, we can even be inspired by the artists themselves. Exploring the life and works o

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