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Interviewing Artists, Pt. 2: How Has Your Art Changed Over The Years?

  Just like anything else, the more you practice and learn, the more you grow. This includes art. In continuation of our newest blog series, featuring our gallery’s artists, we asked the same five (Susie Ranager, Patt Odom, Gail Cheney, Vanda McCormick, and Charlie Taylor) “how has your art changed over the years?” From their processes to their creative expression, these artists have developed their abilities and evolved their art since they first began their crafts.   Susie Ranager, Painter: “When I first started painting, I was painting with watercolors. I found them very unsatisfactory because you pretty much cannot change your mind when you’re watercoloring. I’m a really fast painter, so I can't paint in oil either because it’s too slow. I like to be able to change my mind all the time. Even sometimes acrylics are too slow for me. So, I went from watercolors to mixed media and acrylics, not particularly abstract but not as realistic. I like to paint out of my head without

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