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The History of Photography, Pt. 4

  Ever wondered how we got from the delicate film cameras our grandparents used to the convenient digital cameras we use today? The advancements from film cameras to HD all happened in less than a century. This blog is the final in our series about the history of photography. We’ll cover the developments from after World War I to the 21st century and go over how the camera evolved into what it is today.   By the 1940s, progress made in color processing allowed photographers to expand their creative endeavors. The vividness of color led them to focus on the elemental aspects of photography. After World War I, many American photographers began to capture images aligned with the abstract expressionist movement rather than documentary photography. A few decades later, in the ‘60s, these techniques and ideas had traveled to Asia. They used color to create vivid and abstract images that focused on street life and modern social affairs.   Street photography, like that practiced in Chi

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