The Power of Colors in Art, Part 1


Have you ever felt your mood shift while you were near or surrounded by a particular color? Maybe you noticed your attitude change due to the way a specific hue made you feel. We noted in one of our previous blogs how art has the power to affect our mood. As we dive deeper into the feelings art can provoke within us, it’s important to point out, specifically, how colors trigger different responses in us. Colors are a powerful force in our lives that can shape our thoughts and change our moods. Each shade represents a specific notion, which can excite various emotions in us depending on their meaning. In this first blog in our color series, we will explore the symbolism behind warm colors: red, orange, yellow and pink.


The color red is most usually associated with hearts, and rightfully so. Red symbolizes passion and energy. It quickly grabs our attention and can lead to us feeling motivated and stimulated. The bold and powerful hue this color presents makes it easily noticeable, which is why it is also often used for warnings such as a stop sign. Most people think of red as meaning anger and aggression, but it can also signify confidence, desire, and courage. When we see red, it can prompt us to take action and find strength within ourselves.

Artist: Susie Ranager

Next on the rainbow is orange. It is the color of enthusiasm and emotion. Orange is a warm, fun color that radiates emotional strength, and this vibrant hue affects us by encouraging and uplifting us while also emitting creativity and positivity. Some of the negative emotions this color can stand for include impatience, dominance, and superficiality. However, the spontaneity and youthfulness of orange leave most who view it feeling energized and excited.

Artist: Gail Cheney

It’s no surprise that yellow is the color of happiness and optimism. This cheerful hue is similar to orange in that it is energetic and joyful. Yellow has the power to inspire, amuse, and energize us. It affects the logical part of the brain, which means it stimulates our mentality and perception. This sparks us to think creatively and indulge in our curiosity and often symbolizes intellect on top of happiness. On the other hand, yellow can also be linked to cowardice, deception, and caution. This is why we hear the phrase “yellow-bellied” used to describe someone who is afraid. For most of us and in most situations, yellow incites feelings of optimism and joy.

Artist: Juli Juneau

When we think pink, we are filled with emotions such as love and compassion. Pink symbolizes these two feelings as well as playfulness and femininity. The color pink is full of warmth and kindness and can leave us feeling nurtured and comforted. This calming hue also stands for romance, so, like red, it is often associated with love, hearts, and Valentine’s. Pink emotes sympathy within us, which can sometimes be associated with timidness, immaturity, and emotionalness. Overall, the friendliness of pink leaves us feeling accepted and brings joy to us.

Artist: Patt Odom

Do you find yourself feeling any of these emotions when you’re around these colors? If so, now you know why! Colors have such a dramatic effect on our attitude without us even realizing it. Hopefully, by understanding the powers that they have on our minds, you can appreciate each hue a little more and understand your reactions towards them.


Be on the lookout for part two of this series, which will uncover the meanings behind cool hues coming soon!


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