The Power of Colors, Pt. 2


Whether you know it or not, colors are some of the most powerful non-living forces in the universe. They can make us feel so many different things and can change our moods in an instant. This ability isn’t limited to just colors as a whole, but each individual hue has its own meaning and symbols. In our previous blog, we discussed warm colors and the impressions they make on us. This blog will dive into the implications behind cool colors, like blues and greens, and explain what kind of responses you may experience when you’re in the presence of these hues!


The first color on the cool color side of the rainbow is green. When we picture the color green, the first things we think of are probably grass, trees, and other natural elements. This isn’t by coincidence. Green’s meaning includes growth and health as it is revitalizing color that relaxes us. Like a shamrock, green is also associated with luck. The hopefulness you may feel when viewing this color stems from its encouraging effect. Additionally, it symbolizes safety and harmony due to the sense of balance it evokes in us. This prosperous color also has negative connotations connected to it as well. We are no stranger to the phrase “green with envy,” as this color is also associated with jealousy and materialism.

Following green is the color turquoise. This color is a beautiful blend of both blue and green and mimics the clear waters of tropical seas. Like the ocean, turquoise is known for its calmness and clarity. The peaceful feeling that this color radiates enhances our mental abilities, clearing our minds and balances our thoughts and feelings. This concentration allows us to express more compassion and communicate more openly. Feelings of peace, growth, and empathy are all positive effects turquoise can bring. Unfortunately, not everyone receives the same sensations of calmness and balance. Some negative implications of turquoise are stress, secrecy, and narcissism.

Blue is one of the most substantial colors in the rainbow, as it appears almost everywhere we go. The sky, the ocean, and even our jeans all contain this primary color, but there’s more to blue than just its deep hue. Blue is the color of trust and security and evokes feelings such as relaxation. When we see this color, we may feel a sense of protection. Waves of calmness rush over us in its presence and give us peace. Additionally, blue symbolizes loyalty and responsibility. The honesty associated with it makes it a reliable color that may provide us with confidence when in its presence. Like all other colors, blue isn’t immune to unfavorable meanings. We use the color blue to express sadness and often exercise the phrase “feeling blue” to describe unhappy feelings. The non-confrontational and subdued nuances associated with blue can also make it appear to be a passive color.

Our last color on the rainbow are those from the purple family. Known as the color of royalty, purple’s meanings also include mystery, imagination, and spirituality. Purple can inspire and enlighten us when we’re surrounded by it. It encourages us to acknowledge our most inner thoughts and discover who we truly are. This allows us to grow spiritually. As we expand our knowledge ourselves, we also become wiser about the world around us. The mysterious implications of purple spark creativity and grant us feelings of fantasy as we indulge in our imaginations. Its ties also extend to those in royal positions and present it as a color of luxury. On the other hand, purple is sometimes viewed as an emotional color that can lead to immaturity and sensitivity.

If you find yourself in a situation where your mood unexpectedly shifts or you feel a sudden wave of emotion, it could be because of the color you’re in the presence of! Maybe you’ve always wondered why you’re so drawn to the color green or why you feel so relaxed when around blue hues. Hopefully, this blog has opened your mind to the incredible influences that colors have on us, and you’ve discovered a new appreciation for the cool hues of the rainbow. Next time you’re in the presence of these colors, allow yourself to be moved to by the feelings they evoke within you and take note of how you perceive them.




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