Finding Art in Everything


When it comes to the beauty of art, there is no one form or fashion. While we may think of art as paintings and sculptures, art can be found in anything. Art comes in many different forms, shapes, materials, and so forth. What makes an element a work of art is not what it looks like or what it’s made out of, but how it is perceived and the emotions it provokes. The Mona Lisa is a work of art to most people in the same way that your child’s school drawing may be to you. Finding art in everyday objects may not be something you practice. In this blog, we want to show you just a few of the many different forms of art that you may not have considered as art before.


More often than not, we treat pottery pieces like fine china. Although we can use them for practical purposes, we choose to keep them on display as spectacles or only use them for special occasions. While intricate vases and pots make beautiful decorations, noteworthy pottery can come in mugs, bowls, and even wine buckets. You can use pieces like these every day when dining or entertaining, also while enjoying their artistry.


Incorporating art in our daily lives is a great way to appreciate the craftsmanship of pieces, but wearing art is an even better way to acknowledge their beauty. Handmade jewelry is such a diverse and unique art form because, like others, it can come in so many different styles and forms. Jewelry making is a tedious and detailed process that deserves to be recognized. The best part is, displaying them is so easy!


Like pottery, we often consider wood turnings to be purely items meant for display. However, this art form can serve functional purposes in addition to its alluring display. Some of our favorite woodwork designs include plates, bowls, and cutting and charcuterie boards. The fine grain and smooth texture of wooden pieces such as these are hard to ignore. They make cooking and dining more enjoyable, and the food displayed on them looks even more wonderful!


Staying hydrated and drinking water is something that everyone on earth does. Not everyone enjoys their drinks in beautiful glasses, though! Glass blowing is one of the most fascinating and exhilarating art forms to watch being executed. The risk and delicacy of art blowing are unmistakable, but the creations that it produces are breathtaking. Glasses created by this process are alarmingly beautiful and outshine regular cups. 


Find beauty in every day by appreciating the nontraditional styles of art and incorporating more of them into your life. Bowls, boards, jewelry, and glasses are just a few of the many elements that can be more than just ordinary items but fine works of art. We hope this blog has given you a new way to view and acknowledge art and inspired you to add some new pieces to your collection.


If you are interested in any of the pieces shown or would like to see more, visit our website or stop by the gallery to see our entire collection.



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